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Band of (Mostly) Brothers: Midcoast Millennials Make Music

The last time I saw Alex Wilder, he was decked out in John Lennon glasses, rocking a sold-out performance of A Day in The Life, a multimedia Beatles tribute show he helped create several years ago. It’s just after 8 am when he arrives at the coffee shop in his hometown of Camden where we’ve […]

Lifeflight Islesboro Crossing in Pictures

Lifeflight of Maine, those helicopters you see flying overheard from time to time on their way to a medical center or the scene of an accident, is partially funded through donation. This life-saving service is in its third consecutive year of raising funds through the Islesboro Crossing. This 5k swim from Lincolnville Beach to Islesboro has […]

New Year’s Resolution: 1080p

Abby Norman facebook

(Okay, that was a joke about high definition. You know, 1080p HD? *ba dum tiss*) I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions, to be honest. Although this year was so intense and incredibly odd that I do feel compelled to make some this year; if only to resolve that 2015 won’t be anything like 2014 was. This year started […]